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School Murals to Revitalise Playground and Classroom areas

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The school area for kindergarten students and teachers underwent a significant transformation through the creation of over 12 vibrant murals. The primary goal of these murals was to rejuvenate the space and foster a positive learning environment at Chester Hill Public School.

The murals, painted in and around the kindergarten area, employed a softer color palette and predominantly featured garden-themed artwork. Some murals specifically incorporated educational elements, enhancing the learning experience within the artistic displays.

The garden theme served a dual purpose: to soften the appearance of the surrounding brick and bitumen materials and stimulate the imagination by creating a natural environment. Moreover, the intention was to establish a tranquil atmosphere as students entered the classroom for their lessons.

As the kindergarten students ventured beyond the classroom area, the mural artwork became more lively and colorful while maintaining the nature and imagination theme.

These vibrant mural walls faced a play area and a larger outdoor space, adding visual appeal to both areas. Additionally, the bathroom amenities were adorned with painted murals.

Previously, the space outside the bathrooms consisted of dark grey bitumen and red brick walls, creating a dreary ambiance. The introduction of the murals brought a refreshing visual aesthetic to the school environment.

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School Murals & Workshop Highlights

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Master of School Murals & Workshops

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, painting and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt to use Photoshop and Illustrator combined with other modern digital illustration software techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital illustration I focus my work around commercial murals for schools. As a street artist if I can to contribute a positive learning space through art that makes the place more enjoyable for people then my imagination and creativity has served me well.

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