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Mural Types

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3 Mural Types for Schools

These are the three main types of mural themes I work with that I find the most flexible and adaptable for schools. With each theme, it can be the dominant feature but still use elements from the other themes too.

  1. Quirky Fun Characters – eg playfully imagination
  2. Words & Phrases – eg school values
  3. Organic & Abstract – eg harmonious patterns

Quirky Fun Characters & Animal Murals

Sometimes the mural needs to be filled with fun. By using this approach a landscape combined with made-up characters and animals can be uplifting as a mural. The idea of this approach is to encourage imagination.

happy mural
Happy fun characters in a mural
fun school mural
mushroom mural
Bringing colour to the bathroom area at a school with a mural

Words & Phrases Murals

By using words of motivation and goodwill as the main feature of the mural. This could also use your school motto.

playground murals
School playground mural with shool value
murals using words
Example of using motivational text in the mural
countng mural
Mural artwork to include counting learning for a kindergarten classroom area

Organic & Abstract Murals

By using organic and abstract forms to create a nice feeling for the space. By this method, the mural is open to interpretation with a focus on being positive.

organic mural shapes
Organic and colourful mural shapes
School mural using geometry as part of the artwork
happy pattern mural
Organic shapes to create a positive feeling mural

School Murals & Workshop Highlights

Click an image to see more of the school mural

Master of School Murals & Workshops

Originally I was trained in fine arts with a focus on illustration, painting and letterpress (hand set typography). Later on I learnt to use Photoshop and Illustrator combined with other modern digital illustration software techniques.

Now with this combination of traditional & digital illustration I focus my work around commercial murals for schools. As a street artist if I can to contribute a positive learning space through art that makes the place more enjoyable for people then my imagination and creativity has served me well.

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